"Head Of Vibes au service de votre puissance et de la performance ».

As a performance coach, my goal is to unlock your potential and existing possibilities.
My Executive Officer (sales, marketing, innovation, management) positions at Google and the NYT allows me to understand immediately your goals and challenges. 
This added to a deep study of human mechanisms enables me to understand you at a profound level while simultaneously focusing on the business imperatives that drive you. A large part of my performance coaching is about managing energy and finding your core value — teaching leaders to utilize their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy for maximum stamina and effectiveness.
Performance coaching can have a tremendous effect on people, team and corporate results. I do not use existing frames but create a set according to your goals and your personality. Reframing, confrontation, cheerleading, breathing techniques, changing posture — all of these can rapidly accelerate performance when used by a professional. 
I will help you to regain your mojo, using both physical and mental tactics, and listening to your inner voice. 
Together, we can create a better world and change it. 
Typical Coaching Offer Framing Session 1h30 - Intention, Goals, Ressources  3 sessions of 1h every week / 2 weeks Half Coaching Review 1h00 3 sessions of 1h every week / 2 weeks Closing session, 1h30 : what have I learnt, what do I do 

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