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— Coralie Cathelinais
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Ce site d'emploi aide les femmes à valoriser un parcours atypique

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 French platform allows candidates who have experienced career breaks, retraining and expatriation can use their experience to their advantage. A recent Mckinsey study demonstrated that companies with diverse workforces are 35% more likely to outperform their non-diverse counterparts. A while back we wrote about this social enterprising supporting diverse talent into employment. Now, a new platform Gloss & Boss helps those with non-traditional career paths to capitalise on their experience and compete in the jobs market.
Companies dismissing those with atypical career paths or a CV with holes may often miss out on talent and skills that could be useful to their business. The site disregards the usual CV format, asking candidates instead to tell their story more informally, without focusing on dates and diplomas but rather by highlighting their skills. Profiles are then scrutinized by an algorithm which determines the relevant job offers, before connecting them with companies. As Gloss & Boss founder, Sabine Peters explains, “The site is aimed at women with a wealth of experience in their professional and personal lives, some of whom have followed their spouses for an expatriation and have become bilingual or even trilingual.” The platform is used primarily by SMEs, that may be looking for a greater diversity of experience. Live for just a month, Gloss & Boss intends to place over fifty candidates by the end of the year. How else can companies be encouraged to promote diversity in their recruitment patterns? Website: Contact:
— André Mora
Avis d'expert
Sabine Peters, fondatrice de **GLOSS and BOSS**, a été interrogée par Management en tant qu'experte du recrutement pour la présidentielle en 2017. A quelques semaines des élections présidentielles, Management pose cette question : à quel poste recruteriez-vous les candidats à la présidence de la République ? Sabine s'est prêtée au jeu avec plaisir pour imaginer le poste adéquate pour chacun d'entre eux. Voici les propositions de GLOSS and BOSS pour recaser les candidats après la présidentielle !
— Rafa Gala
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